Monday, January 25, 2010

Sick Scott and Sue and Six Months Married

This weekend both Scott and I got a rather bad cold. All and all the timing was not terrible. I only had to get a substitute for one day. However, I was completely unable to clean our apartment this weekend. This is why there are no pictures in this post.

I just have to say I have one of the best husbands to have around when one is not feeling well. He ran to the store to get me some juice and cough drops, set up a humidifier, got some movies set up for me, and continuously told me I looked good when I definitely felt gross. During this time Scott was even starting to feel a little sick himself. Scott is just great!

Now Scott is right in the middle of the worst part of the cold. Currently he is sleeping. He hopes that this mid morning nap will help him out because he has to go to campus and turn in a paper. He tried emailing his professor yesterday but has not gotten a reply yet. I can't turn it in for him because he has to turn it in at the end of class after doing this lab or something. Poor guy! I hope we get an email back from his professor before he has to go!

Despite illness and crazy school assignments we are both doing just fine. I'm very lucky to be married to Scott. Today is our 6th month wedding anniversary! I wish Scott was not so sick. I'll just have to change some of our plans so we don't have to go out and probably change dinner to Chicken-Noodle-Soup. Happy Anniversary Babe!